Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Movie Review - Gambit

This film did not deserve the poor ratings it received. It's not an Oscar winning film but it's very light and easy movie to watch on a lazy day. 

The movie was quite funny and story flowed easily. There was no dragging of the plot and the whole thing was very smooth. The plot was kinda predictable but there were surprises along the way, a few things I didn't see coming.

Reasons to watch this movie:
1) Severus Snape (as seen in the poster)
2) It's a comedy! Who doesn't want to see a comedy!
3) It's a pretty good story and laugh-out-loud hilarious
4) Did I mention SEVERUS SNAPE!?

The cast was amazing, which is why I was so confused when this movie was under-appreciated! Cameron Diaz played a spunky Texan and Colin Firth a weary curator for a horrible, terrible boss (played by Alan Rickman).

Another reason to watch this movie is the location! Almost the entire thing was shot in London and it was beautiful, there was a lot to see in the different sites. 

This movie basically portrays the dreams of anyone working for a shitty boss and is unhappy with it. I was disillusioned by all the bad reviews of this movie but I still gave it a shot anyways and it is GOOD. It is funny and comical and all out fun to watch. A bit of it may have been slightly far-fetched but hey, that's what makes it hilarious!

Maybe people went into this with super high expectations seeing this cast! But the movie was just fine. It was actually much funnier than a lotta other comedies. It was also not very raunchy (maybe PG 13) so it's nice to watch with the whole family.