Saturday, 31 August 2013

RANT - Technology

I'm a techie. I live in the 21st century and I love technology. I'd die without WIFI and I need to take my smartphone EVERYWHERE. Technology made the world better and nobody argues with that, it's made us lazier and we love it for that.

But WHY WHY WHY does a new smartphone have to come out every week! Like seriously. When I buy a new phone, I want to enjoy it. I want to use it and I want to buy stuff for it, I want phone covers and screen protectors and every accessory possible. What I don't want is to buy a new phone, and then a week later a new model comes out and suddenly I can't find anything for the model I have. LIKE WHAT!?!!?

This conversation actually happened when I went to get a new cover for my phone,

Me: Hi, I'd like to buy a cover for my Samsung Galaxy Note please.
Dude: Note 1 or Note 2?
Me: Note 1.
Dude: Sorry, we only have covers for Note 2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. Your phone is so out-dated, we stopped selling covers for it a long time ago. 
Me: *in my head* (WHAT!?? It has been less than a few months and 3 new phones have come out already)
Me: Haha, yea, I have an out-dated phone. 

This happened in three stores before I finally found one that sold the covers

Is it necessary for phone companies to make the smallest change to a smartphone (example - make it like a inch longer) and sell it for absurd prices. Would it kill them to wait like a year maybe and come out with a new phone with significant changes and new functions? 

NOH. They insist on spitting out as many models as possible and cash in on stupid consumerism (the irony is, a stupid consumer is saying this, sigh, I will never change). Remember when we all had the indestructible Nokia's? Those things lasted. My old one STILL works, after 12 years it still works! While my recent Samsung Galaxy SL crashed after a year forcing me to get a new phone. What ever happened to quality? 

The iPhone is no better. My iPhone screen cracked and shattered to a million pieces after being slightly grazed on the edge of a table. I didn't even drop the thing and lucky me screens were not covered in the warranty. 

The dilemma of my lifetime - I love smartphones but I hate them.